If We Build It They Will Come…..

We would like to first start out by saying what a pleasure and honor it is for us to be Co-Presidents for this new club year.  We have been members now for several years and have enjoyed meeting new friends and helping locally in our community.  

We had a strong vision about what the club's potential could be and what changes we would like to see made.   We got together a couple of times and brain stormed about what our club year would look like, changes we would like to make and talked about a theme. We wanted to focus on what our club needed the most to survive and to thrive.  We combined the ideas of WJWC and the building of a house.   The building up of what we have already in place with Wheaton Juniors, bringing new/old ideas, and adding some changes.  We came up with 3 main objectives/goals for our year:

1. Build up our membership
2. Build up our Junior relationships with one another
3. Build up our community services

With these 3 main objectives/goals, we can build a stronger house - we call the Wheaton Junior Woman's Club.  
"If we build it they will come"......

Josie Morrison & Kim Engel
Co-Presidents 2014-2015

Wheaton Junior Woman's Club