Buddy Baseball
Shall organize and conduct an annual baseball clinic for children with challenging needs with able-bodies volunteer
kids (ages 13 and up) - 5 weeks starting in July every summer.

Shall take action on issues relating to Beautification, Energy, Education, Wildlife Protection, Protecting Natural Resources, Recycling, and Solid Waste Management and all activities, which pertain to conservation, and gardening.

Home Life & Health
Shall also provide education to the membership to promote an awareness of events happening throughout the community, the nation and the world today. Additionally, they shall promote crime reduction and safety projects, which reinforce the family and free enterprise.  Shall provide the membership and community opportunities for the enrichment of education and self-development. It shall also provide the membership with information of current health related issues or programs to benefit all ages.

Hostess and Programs
Shall arrange the meeting room set-up, refreshments and programs (when time permits) for the general meetings. All members, excluding the General Board, shall serve on this committee once during the Club year.

Shall have charge of all business pertaining to membership. Such duties shall include orientation coffees for prospective members, assigning sponsors to new members, and greeting and introducing new members and guests at general Club meetings.  Shall also inform the general Club membership of the opportunities available in the field of arts.

The Philanthropy committee is comprised of an appointed chairperson from each of the Standing Committees, the Immediate Past President, First Vice President and Treasurer. They are responsible for investigating, discussing and advising the club on all donations made on behalf of the club.

Shall handle all publicity and take pictures for the Club. It shall submit articles to the Clubwoman magazine. They shall be responsible for assembling, printing and distributing the Yearbook.

Shall publicize the available scholarships, investigate the applicants, and select the winners. Members shall have a minimum of one year's club membership.

The Scrapbook committee is led by the First Vice President and is composed of any members that would like to participate. This committee is responsible for creating a scrapbook that details the current President's club year. Upon completion, the scrapbook goes to the local district for judging, then onto the annual state convention for judging and possible awards.

Shall direct the Club's yearly service project(s). It shall investigate proposed service projects for the coming year and present choices for vote by the membership. All club members are required to work on at least two service projects.

Ways and Means
Shall be composed of all Club members. The committee shall investigate proposed fund raising projects for the coming year's philanthropies.
Wheaton Junior Woman's Club